Freelance translator survey 2020

From business practices to rates, everything you wanted to know about your peers

Last updated 31 July 2020

Purpose: To better understand the translation profession and the people working within it by answering questions translators want answered, and to make this information available for free.

Topics: Work patterns, ethics, translation challenges, direct clients vs translation agencies, vetting clients, rates, current events etc.

Respondents: Freelance full-time/part-time translators from around the world.

Authors: Alina Cincan, Flo Bejgu, Lynda Joeman
Contributors: Dr Marta Stelmaszak Rosa, Rob Beswick, Ted R. Wozniak, Chloe Jepps, Dr Camille Collard, Dr Cyrille Ndjitat Tatchou, Dr Joseph Lambert, Ruth Partington, Catherine Christaki, Allison Wright, Tess Whitty, Catharine Cellier-Smart, Simon Berrill, Caroline Alberoni, Yael Cahane-Shadmi, Lloyd Bingham, Serli Varjabetyan, Valeria Aliperta, Sarah Bawa Mason

Personal data: No personally identifiable information is collected, answers are 100% anonymous.

Completion time: ~20 minutes

Closing date: 9 April 2020

Why participate:

  •  You are contributing to important and valuable research that will help you reflect on the way you are working as a translator
  • For each complete response, we will donate £1 (up to £250) to a charity of your choice
  • You can suggest questions/topics for future research

Final report: It will be available on this page (free). Estimated release date: 30 September 2020 – what better way to celebrate International Translation Day?