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07 August 2012

3 lessons learned from many years as a language professional

    In most European countries, when you decide that a foreign language is what you would like to specialise in and start studying at university […]
03 August 2012

Machine translation vs Computer-aided translation

The ability to speak (and write) more than our mother tongue has always been a useful social skill, to say the least. People have communicated with […]
13 April 2012

How to use dictionaries – improving the quality of your translations

I know the title is a little baffling… what do I mean, using dictionaries? Everyone knows how to do it, right? Well, no, but I’m not […]
04 March 2012

Continuing professional development: 5 tips for linguists

Working as a professional linguist is a never-ending learning process.  If you are specialised in a sector which is constantly developing, such as IT, you will […]
25 February 2012

How to motivate yourself during the day – our way

Let’s face it, from time to time you have a translation job that you might not really enjoy working on. It could be a financial translation […]
18 January 2012

Selecting a translation services provider – 3 Tips

The success of any project depends on a few factors that one needs to take into account when selecting a translation services provider for their project: […]
17 November 2011

Interpreter vs translator

Interpreter vs Translator: Who’s who? Many people call us saying they need a translator when in fact they were looking for an interpreter. Probably most people […]
10 November 2011

Translation can help your business – 5 things to consider

Why not just English OK, we all know that English is spoken worldwide, but how many people speak it exactly? And why does it matter? Well, […]
02 November 2011

Michael Cunningham at the Language Show 2011

The Language Show 2011 As described in more details in a previous post, the Language Show is an event addressed to language teachers, translators, interpreters, linguists […]