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26 September 2013

Happy European Day of Languages!

Today we celebrate the European Day of Languages, whose aim is to promote language learning. What language are you going to learn next? For this special […]
19 September 2013

Tattoo translations: for better or verse!

Body art is an ancient form of expression. Several Asian cultures have been using tattoos for centuries. In Japan, for example, the Ainu people – indigenous […]
06 September 2013

Why correct grammar still matters

Let me start by saying that I am an advocate of correct grammar. It may have something to do with my background as an English teacher […]
30 August 2013

Challenges in translating poetry

Some while ago I wrote a post on the challenges in translating films and I thought it would be interesting to turn this into a series, […]
21 August 2013

Guess the idiom (multilingual)

While on Twitter these days, I came across a resource with the strangest/funniest idioms in different languages and remembered a session during my studies where we had […]
10 August 2013

A few thoughts on Twitter

I love Twitter Let me just start by saying I used to be sceptical about its value and did not have a personal account until @inboxtranslate […]
01 August 2013

How to complete a big translation project with flying colours

Translators are like readers – there are texts they love working on and texts they don’t really feel attracted to but take on as these help […]
23 July 2013

What’s in a name?

Isaac Asimov’s short story title is a perfect fit for our post. But let’s start by congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth […]
19 July 2013

Do we always need ‘translation’?

The answer to the question largely depends on who you are. One may need the services of a professional translator for an official document – which […]