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27 November 2013

Pardon my French! Bilingual bloopers from Canada and other tales of horror

O, Canada! Thy brow is wreathed with a glorious garland of flowers, but thy land is rife with the strife of struggling bi-linguists who are at […]
21 November 2013

Intra and interlingual translation traps

Language is such a dynamic entity, that one would be hard-pressed to compile a list of words or phrases that mean exactly the same thing they […]
14 November 2013

Comedy translation and other irregu-hillarities

Comedy! The very word conjures up images and associations that can have people in peals of laughter even before they see or hear something funny. Comedy […]
07 November 2013

Getting the most from your translation budget

Allocating a budget for your translation needs can be a laborious process, but it can often make a big difference to your business. Whether you operate […]
31 October 2013

The potential magnitude of translation errors

In 2004, four people died of massive radiation overdose in a hospital in France. The problem was not one of wrong diagnosis or equipment malfunction: it […]
24 October 2013

Famous cross-cultural blunders in translation

Translation is an art form as much as it is a science. That being the case, it is subject to the quirks of both: from an […]
17 October 2013

Guess the Idiom (multilingual) – Answers

Some while ago, we published a post on illustrated idioms. Some of you have guessed a few of the idioms, but not all of them, so […]
10 October 2013

Freelancing: a brave new world of employment

Freelancing is often looked upon as being inferior to full-time employment. While successful professional freelancers who have held down regular jobs prior to their independent careers […]
30 September 2013

The history of translation

The Story of Language Language is one of the most powerful mediums of communication known to man. Before the advent of the spoken word, humans had […]